Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019
Category: Market

BoE Reduces United Kingdom Growth Estimate

Ever since gaining independence, in its most pessimistic mid-term forecasts, the famous Bank of England (BoE) recently predicted that the weak recovery of the Britain economy reveals indication of advancing, and inflation is expected to be greater than earlier expectations. At present, the BoE believes that output in the nation’s economic growth is more likely […]

Dow Ends with Marginal Gains

Stocks of Blue-chip finished little higher as a better-than-expected increment in economic growth of U.S. offset concerns of investors about a weak outlook of corporate. There was an increment of 3.53 points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which was less than 0.1 percent to reach 13107.21. In the same week, the benchmark of blue-chip […]

Big Screen Combat of Samsung

In recent times, it has become extremely difficult for technology-based companies to make an impression in the present market. On Friday, the market shares of the legendary South Korean based technology giant Samsung Electronics dropped by almost 2.7-percent, in spite of blowout earnings achieved during the 3rd quarter that saw overall earnings of the company […]